1. Bill Brandt 

    "Belgravia, London 1951"

  2. "poppin off" by watch the duck

  3. Brand New Daft Punk vid for "Instant Crush"

  4. Chemical Brothers, “Salmon Dance”

    Wacky song, wackier video.

  5. Dizzee Rascal “I Don’t Need a Reason”

    Dope song, dope video.

  6. A lion shaped building in the Bel Air neighborhood of Dakar

  7. Casual military training on a busy beach…


  8. "Being in America is like being stabbed to death with a butter knife by a weakling."
    — "Mating" by Norman Rush
  9. thisbitchcooks:

    Tambacounda’s first English contest. #filter

  10. Sleeping on the roof because it is too hot inside.

  11. Flat tire four hours into the nine hour journey shared with 9 other strangers, including a nun.


  12. "

    I happen to believe that if the government doesn’t belong in the bedroom, that it does not belong in the kitchen either.

    — Otto Von Bismarck, Koenigsberg, Prussia

  13. mrwolfdog:

    Someone online thought I said meat sax when I said meat sacks. Trick question. I said both. 

    (Source: mrwolfdog)

  14. bar mermoz

  15. (Source: thisbitchcooks)